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  MO Case
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-Size 98mm x96mm x 11mm
-Weight 29.75 g/ PS
-Meas. /N.W/ G.W 1.8 cuft/ 12.5kg/ 11.9kg
-Carton size (LxWxH) 560mm x 403mm x221mm
-Pcs/ct 400 pcs
-Description MO floppy disc installation.
Product No. FCA-0703-1
Color/Surface high clear/ bright
  Locking Clasp Hub with double-sided adhesive tape
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-Size 30mm x30mm x 5mm
-Weight 0.6g/ PS
-Pcs/ct 1000 pcs
-Description Improved central locking clasp securely holds your disc. Tossing or throwing will not affect the firm attachment of the CD to printed products on thicker and harder paper. The double-sided adhesive tape is provided to attach the hub directly to your products.
Product No. FCA-0501-4
Color/Surface clear/ bright
Product No. FCA-0501-5
Color/Surface black/bright
Product No. FCA-0501-6
Color/Surface white/bright
  CD Sticker machine
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-Size 156mm x156mm x 52mm
-Weight 191.4 g/ PS+Acry
-Meas. /N.W/ G.W 2.4 cuft/ 8.8kg/ 9.8kg
-Carton size (LxWxH) 791mm x 326mm x 261mm
-Pcs/ct 50 pcs
-Description Press the printed tabel on the CDs surface.
Product No. FCA-1001-1
Color/Surface high clear cover+ blue base/ pattern
  PS CD Protective Disc
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-Description Thin clear plastic protective discs packed in cake boxes to avoid scratches
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